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Welcome to the SWOG website

SWOG is a worldwide network of researchers that design and conduct cancer clinical trials. The group's goal is to change medical practice so it improves the lives of people with cancer. SWOG trials test new ways to diagnose and treat cancer, as well as prevent it. SWOG researchers also study ways to improve the care cancer patients receive, and improve quality of life for both patients and survivors.

National Clinical Trials Network

SWOG has been awarded a grant by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as a member of the NCI National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN).

SWOG has also been awarded a grant by the NCI as a member of the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Program (NCORP).

If you are not a member of SWOG, check out our Visitors pages, which contain information about our history and leadership, how to join our group, our clinical trials, the published results of those trials, and other information.

Check out a list of SWOG abstracts for #ASCO17, coming up June 2-6.
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  DART rare cancer precision trial continues
The initial patient screening step for the NCI-MATCH trial is now phased out, but SWOG’s DART trial for rare cancers continues. DART remains open to accrual for patients enrolled to MATCH, and a forthcoming revision to DART will allow sites to enroll patients directly to DART. To learn more about the changes to MATCH, visit CTSU. To learn more about DART, click the link below.
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SWOG Makes News at AUA2017
SWOG investigator Dr. Edward Messing presents a practice-changing abstract at the American Urological Association's annual meeting.
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  Latest Lung-MAP newsletter
Get the latest news on our precision medicine trail for squamous cell lung cancer. New sub-studies, webinars, and more!
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The Hope Foundation supports the Group's work.
SWOG members may log on here at either the Standard Level (formerly called Level 2) or Advanced Level (formerly called Level 1).
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