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Investigational Drug Handling Training
The use of investigational drugs in clinical trials entails certain specific responsibilities for the ordering of, accounting for, and disposing of these drugs. The SWOG "Investigational Agent Handling" video will provide you with the key points needed to accomplish these responsibilities safely, legally, and in accordance with NCI and SWOG policies.

The video is divided into five sections: Introduction, Procurement, Accountability, Transfer and Return, and Audit Preparation. After each section there are 1-2 multiple choice questions to test your comprehension of key points. You will have two chances to answer each question correctly before proceeding. At the end of the last section will be a page showing your results. To create a record of your having completed this training, print that page, sign and date the printout, and keep on file. If you do not achieve the minimum passing score on the questions, you may re-take the training by starting the video again from the beginning.

To complete these modules, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. It must also have the Adobe Flash Player plugin; if it does not, the program can install it for you. Note: This video is multi-megabyte in size and will not start until several seconds after the buffer timer reaches 20%. Click the graphic or link below to begin.

Investigational Agent Handling Video

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