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SWOG Update
November 2010

Welcome to the November 2010 SWOG Update.

For all members and friends of SWOG, the SWOG Update will keep you informed of what's happening with the group. News to report? Send it to

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Chair's Corner  
Nurturing cancer survivorship research in the CCOPs
Laurence H. Baker photo Community Clinical Oncology Programs (CCOPs) are ideally suited to conduct the sort of long-term follow-up with patients that is needed to answer questions about the late effects of treatment, toxicity, and disease. [more]

Study Updates  

notched fly wings S0933: Taking a Notch out of melanoma
The Notch receptor is a key piece of the system cells use to communicate to their neighbors and is believed to be important in cell development and differentiation. SWOG's newest study aims to interfere with the control of Notch-based function on gene expression in melanoma cells. [more]

In the News  
You, your colleagues, and your cooperative group in the media ...
  • The October 1, 2010 Cancer Letter reported that David Alberts, M.D., director of the Arizona Cancer Center and until August vice-chair of SWOG's Gynecologic Committee, received the Association of Community Cancer Centers' 2010 Clinical Research Award at that group's 27th National Oncology Economics Conference. Alberts was honored for his extensive research, leadership, and commitment to individuals with cancer.
  • Laurence Baker, D.O., SWOG group chair, was quoted in the November 16 issue of the NCI Cancer Bulletin in a story on the difficulties of moving a promising treatment for Ewing sarcoma into later-phase trials, in spite of its promise. Baker said "The extent of [Roche 1507's] activity in Ewing sarcoma is nearly identical to what was seen with trastuzumab (Herceptin) in breast cancer when it first went into phase II testing."
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SWOG CCOPs get renewed NCI funding

Two dozen Community Clinical Oncology Programs (CCOPs) that identify SWOG as their primary research base have received National Cancer Institute funding for fiscal year 2011. These include the newly formed Boston Medical Center Minority-Based CCOP, which was formerly allied with SWOG as a member institution.

SWOG CCOPs with NCI funding for FY11

Atlanta Regional CCOP Thomas Seay, M.D.
Bay Area Tumor Institute CCOP Sharon Hiner, M.D.
Beaumont CCOP Gary Chmielewski, M.D.
Boston Medical Center MBCCOP Lisa Kachnic, M.D.
Cancer Research for the Ozarks Robert Carolla, M.D.
Central Illinois CCOP James Wade, M.D.
Columbia River Oncology Program Janet Ruzich, D.O.
Columbus CCOP J. Philip Kuebler, M.D., Ph.D.
Dayton Clinical Oncology Program Howard Gross, M.D.
Grand Rapids Clin Oncol Program Martin Bury, M.D.
Greenville CCOP Jeffrey Giguere, M.D.
Gulf Coast MBCCOP Thaddeus Beeker, M.D.
Kansas City Clinical Oncology Rakesh Gaur, M.D., M.P.H.
LSU Health Sciences Center Robert Veith, M.D.
LSUHSC-Shreveport Glenn Mills, M.D.
Montana Cancer Consortium CCOP Benjamin Marchello, M.D.
New Mexico MBCCOP Claire Verschraegen, M.D.
Northwest CCOP Lauren Colman, M.D.
Scott & White CCOP Lucas Wong, M.D.
St. Louis-Cape Girardeau CCOP Bethany Sleckman, M.D.
University of Hawaii MBCCOP Jeffrey Berenberg, M.D.
Upstate Carolina CCOP James Bearden, M.D.
Virginia Mason CCOP Jacqueline Vuky, M.D.
Wichita CCOP Shaker Dakhil, M.D.
Three additional CCOPs identify SWOG as a secondary research base: Southeast CCC CCOP, Michigan CRC CCOP, and Southern Nevada CCOP.  

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