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August 5, 2009

Welcome to edition #1 of the SWOG Update.

For all members and friends of the Southwest Oncology Group, the SWOG Update will keep you informed of what's happening with the Group. News to report? Send it to communications@swog.org.

Chair's Corner  
Why we do what we do
Laurence H. Baker photo Our mission is straightforward: to make progress in the prevention and cure of cancer through clinical research. Our research objectives define how we work to accomplish our mission. [more]

Study Updates  

S0500: Counting CTCs to evaluate breast cancer treatment
How effective of a barometer is CTC level in measuring the efficacy of treatment in a clinical setting, and can that measurement be used to extend lives? [more]

cetuximab molecule S0819 adds a new drug to a standard lung cancer therapy
SWOG's newest study will compare outcomes for lung cancer patients given an accepted standard treatment to outcomes for patients given the same treatment plus cetuximab. [more]

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In the news

You, your colleagues, and your cooperative group in the media ...

JNCI paper on racial disparities resonates
Media venues from the Washington Post to Voice of America found something to report on in a SWOG study on the sources of racial disparities in cancer outcomes. SWOG investigators quoted include Kathy Albain, M.D., Joe Unger, M.S., Dawn Hershman, M.D., Ph.D., and Frank Meyskens, M.D. Below is a selection of media outlets that covered the study, with links to their stories. You can also read the press release.
Gralow on the radio from ASCO 2009

Durie in Modern Medicine

NCI Cancer Bulletin on SWOG-8794 follow-up

Been interviewed or cited in the media for a SWOG study recently? Let us know: communications@swog.org or (734) 998-0114.

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