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SWOG: Intergroup Protocol Abstract: S9900
NOTICE: This Southwest Oncology Group protocol is available only to members of Cooperative Groups which have signed an intergroup agreement to participate in this study. Transmitting this protocol or associated documents to others is not authorized without the express permission of Southwest Oncology Group.
S9900 - Phase III Intergroup(Closed)
A Randomized Phase III Trial of Surgery Alone or Surgery Plus Preoperative Paclitaxel/Carboplatin in Clinical Stage IB(T2N0), II (T1-2N1, T3N0) and Selected IIIA (T3N1) Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC).

Treatment: Paclitaxel, Carboplatin, Surgery

Disease Committee: Lung Cancer
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Study Coordinator(s): Paul A. Bunn Jr., M.D., Katherine M. W. Pisters, M.D., Wilbur A. Franklin, M.D.

Participants: Members, NCORP, Medical Oncologists, Pathologists, Surgeons, CTSU, ECOG, NCCTG, RTOG, ACOSOG, NCIC-CTG

Eligibility Criteria: Patients must have histologically or cytologically confirmed diagnosis of Stage IB (T2N0), II (T1-2N1, T3N0) and selected Stage IIIA (T3N1) NSCLC; pts. must have measurable dz; pts. with symptomatic tumors (T3N0,N1) involving the superior sulcus (Pancoast Tumors) are ineligible; pts. must have adequate renal, hematologic, hepatic and pulmonary function as outlined in Section 5.0; no prior systemic chemo or RT; prior resection of lung dz is allowed provided at least five years have elapsed between surgery and registration; pts. must not have plans to receive non-protocol chemo, RT, or any other treatment for their cancer prior to progression of disease; pts. must not have post obstructive pneumonia or other serious infection or underlying med conditions; no prior allergic reactions to drugs containing cremophor; pts. must be suitable candidates for surgery as outlined in Section 7.0; pts. must be offered participation in S9925 (Lung Cancer Specimen Repository Protocol).

This study has been approved by NCI's Central Institutional Review Board.

Activation Date: 10/15/1999
Closure Date: 7/15/2004
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