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Access to SWOG Biorepository Specimens
SWOG recognizes the importance of translational medicine research to better understand patients' prognoses, predict response to specific therapies, and advance our understanding of basic sciences.

The specimens available from the SWOG Biorepository are a limited and unique resource. In order to encourage, optimize, and prioritize the use of this resource, the group invites proposals for its use through the process outlined below. It is hoped that making these tissues widely available will help advance research and collaboration.

Access to PCPT and SELECT Biorepositories

PCPT and SELECT logos SWOG regularly posts a request for research proposals (PDF) that make use of specimens from the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT) or the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT). These were two of the largest cancer prevention trials ever conducted, and their biorepositories comprise tens of thousands of biospecimens with associated clinical data.

Request for research proposals for use of PCPT/SELECT resources (PDF)

The deadline for this round's mandatory Letter of Intent for use of PCPT/SELECT biorepository resources has passed. The formal applications are due December 15, 2011 and can be submitted online.

Approved Projects

You can view the list of projects awarded use of these biorepository resources in the last round of proposal peer-review (late 2010, early 2011).

Getting Access to Other SWOG Specimens

General details on how to submit a research proposal to work with other SWOG specimens and SWOG policies on specimen use are available on the SWOG Translational Medicine page.

For further information concerning biospecimens, please contact Carolyn J. Hoban, DSc., Director, SWOG Biospecimen Resource at carhoban@med.umich.edu.

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