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Spring 2017 Jeri & Noboru Oishi Symposium Presentations
The following presentations were given at the Jeri & Noboru Oishi Symposium of the Spring 2017 Group Meeting in San Francisco.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017
1. SWOG Statistical Center Update
Rodney Sutter, CCRP, Megan Othus, Louise Highleyman, Diana Heaney, Cathy Rankin, MS, and Phyllis Goodman, MS
SWOG Data Operations Center

SWOG Statistical Center Update Slides (PDF)
Immunotherapy Clinical Trials Slides (PDF)
FDA Registration Trials: A Data Management Perspective Slides (PDF)
Retrospective FDA Submission Slides (PDF)
Data Quality Tools Slides (PDF)


2. Clinical Trial Review Guide
Ceil Petrowsky, MSN, CCRC, OCN

slides (PDF)
slides (PDF)


3. Patient Advocacy: Why Does it Matter?
Judy Johnson, MBA

slides (PDF)



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