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Spring 2016 Plenary II (General) Session Presentations

The following presentations were given at the Plenary Part II (General Plenary) Session of the Spring 2016 Group Meeting in San Francisco.

Videos and slides are posted.

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Friday, April 29, 2016
1. Chair's Welcoming & Update
Charles D. Blanke, M.D.
Chair, SWOG

slides (PDF)


2. Roast for David Gandara, M.D.
John Crowley, Ph.D.
Cancer Research and Biostatistics

slides (PDF)


3. SWOG at 60: SWOG as a Paradigm for Advancing "Team Science"
David Gandara, M.D.
UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

slides (PDF)


4. New Directions for Cooperative Cancer Research
Richard Schilsky, M.D., FACP, FASCO
American Society of Clinical Oncology

slides (PDF)


5. Chair's Closing Remarks
Charles D. Blanke, M.D.
Chair, SWOG

No slides available



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