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FAQ Topic: Using swog.org

How do I use the new My Favorites feature?

See the My Favorites Help page.

How do I use the new My Protocols feature?

See the My Favorites Help page.

What new features have been added to the website?

swog.org has been renovated, adding new features to make it more useful to more users. A summary of our improvements:


  • New look, wider page make the site more attractive and easier to use
  • Front page news panel provides information to all: members and public users alike
  • Improved navigation bar menus, with easy links to other sections and true drop-down submenus
  • Unified logon box
  • Renamed access levels:
    • Level 1 now called Advanced Level: Can access Stat Center apps* without another logon (must have unique email address).
    • Level 2 now called Standard Level: Can access everything but Stat Center apps* (up to 3 users can share an email address).
      *Patient registration, SpecTrack, SC evaluation, CRA workbench, SELECT Workbench, PCPT Workbench, Web User Administrator, and Member Roster

Members Section

  • My Favorites Members' own personalized menu of most-used pages
  • My Protocols Members' own personalized menu of most-used protocols

New Media Section
Special pages for news releases and other matters of particular interest and importance to news media

New Patient Section
Under development; watch for a complete redesign aimed specifically at patients in coming months

Next Phase
We continue to work on swog.org. In addition to the redesign of the Patient section and further development of the Media section, we will continue to plan improvements to the way the website serves our members and the general public. If you have comments on the website or suggestions for improvements, please send them via our Contact Us page.

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